Kathy Wallis

Kath's incredible high, clear voice has been described as, "Silver light falling out of Heaven and trickling down your spine" and can be heard silencing rowdy pubs, stunning singarounds across the country, as well as adding the harmonic cherry to the West Gallery cake.

Her repertoire is equally amazing, spanning everything from newly written songs through music hall, blues and jazz to traditional folksong.

Then there is the storytelling. A teller in the Bardic tradition, she is steeped in the fabric of the legends of Cornwall, such a delight to listen to in these days when storytelling seems to consist mainly of the telling of elongated jokes. Her proficiency is shown by the fact that she held the Sidmouth International and Chippenham Festival trophies at the same time - the latter for three years running and which she now holds in perpetuity!


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