So that was Miskin 05 was it.

Have a browse through these photos and see if you were there !

As it is usual in random moments to go alphabetically I shall do the same with the pictures as I have not been able yet to sort them by topic.

If you have any photos or even better words to add please send them .( Use the lovey new gadget on win XP that lets you email small versions of piccies, it works very well and has saved me hours of work.)

So in photographer order here goes ( okay so my name starts with an A is that my fault?



Well they are the bits that I saw, now for Chris King's collection. He did have the advantage of a bunch of talented and photogenic kids with him of course.




And now Chris Wenham. Some stunning photographs in this selection. Look for the night scene and the portrait of Richard, two wonderfull pix.




And now Jillie, although how she had time to take phot I dont know.




Very fitting that it should be Yas in the last photo as the whole miskin thing started from an wild idea of hers.....

And then there was more !!!

A whole batch I hadn't seen before from Lefty.





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