Miskin at Easter

the DVD

A film by Paul Seligman

Miskin at Easter was special. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to start each festival year with this magical event, just 15 minutes from my home in Cardiff.

As a non-musician, I wanted to give something back to the performers and organisers by filming one year’s festival. Fortunately, I chose to film in 2006. There wasn’t to be another chance, although we didn’t know it then.

I hope this film will keep those wonderful memories alive for us all. Thanks to everyone who appears.



At nearly an hour long the film features many of our booked guests.

Also, of course, a fly on the wall look at the many impromptu gatherings during the weekend.

There was always something special about "our" Miskin and it will take a lot to fill the gap.

This will be a reminder of such happy times.

We love you all,

Andy & Jillie

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Following the usual Miskinfolk support for charitable causes, the profits from this film will go to a charity chosen by Paul.

The Irene Taylor Trust "Music in Prisons"

"Delivering innovative music projects to enhance the rehabilitation and education of offenders and in so doing, enabling their reintegration into the community".

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