Ali Byrne

I've known Ali for what seems like years now, sitting in the Anchor at Sidmouth enjoying the atmosphere and the general "craic" . Who needs more?

I forget now when I first heard Ali with guitar accompaniment, it could have been somewhere in Sidmouth or it could even have been at Miskin. All I do know is the total effect is magic. If demo CDs wore out I'd be on my tenth copy by now - if I'm not playing it then Toby is !

Anyway, come to Miskin and see and hear the real thing. If you think the music is warm, just get to know the girl behind it, one of the nicest people I know.

At Sidmouth 2000, Ali played in the Afternoon Showcase in the Bedford and was one of the few invited back for the "best of the week " showcase on the Friday. You will see why, this weekend.