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Jack The Bard

For the last third of a century or so Jack Sully, has spread a lot of laughs (and a few tears) around the Clubs of Britain.

Cardiff born and Cardiff bred, there are not many clubs in Wales which have not heard his own inimitable blend of wit and wisdom.
Now that he has passed the milestone of his eightieth birthday, his only
regular appearances are at the BBC Wales Club, where the MC. Frank
Hennessy, puts him on most months, despite the fact that he wrote "Cardiff
After Dark for him in the nineteen eighties.

Having watched Jack for over twenty years now, his performance is as fresh and entertaining as ever, the audience with him from the moment he takes the stage.
At last Jack has released a CD, have a listen to a couple of samples here:

'Cardiff After Dark' (93k) The title speaks for itself !

''Dewi Davies' Mystery Tour' (113k) Taken up by Calennig and still sung by Pat and Mick at their Llantrisant Folk Club.

''Dear Sue' (152k) A story told in the letters between a soldier and his wife.