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Ray Barker

It is with great sadness that I have to announce the passing, in October 2002, of a very good friend.

A personal friend for many years , Ray was a real, behind the scenes, driving force of the festival. His constant enthusiasm was a force to be reckoned with! His attention to detail and love of the Landlords Art meant we had one of the best "temporary" bars that I have ever seen.


Ray did occasionally leave the bar during the weekend, especially if there was any fun going on.


Ray was also the President of the Llantrisant Folk Club and nothing was too much trouble for "his" club. Who remembers the ride on the back of a brewer's wagon with a barrel of beer and assorted musicians as part of Llantrisant town carnival, and the party at "Rays Pub" the Ivor Arms, after? Or the night we had Vin Garbutt and so many people turned up, Ray put a camera in the club room so half of us could watch Vin in the lounge bar.


Our thoughts go to Ray's partner Amanda and his children, Miquelle, Mellissa and Mitchell. They have all said that they want to be involved in our festival as before - so, of course, Miskin at Easter will continue. I am sure that this is as Ray would have wanted.