The Spindwyers
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The Spindwyers

Andrew Dwyer and Sheila Thackwray both have an interesting pedigree in Folk Music circles. Sheila gained a BA in music in 1980 and has run clubs in the Hereford area. Andrew came second in the Melody Maker Folk/Rock contest in 1974. He has also run clubs in the Tamworth area of Staffordshire. He has a degree in Film and Television. Both are seasoned performers in concert, club, radio, Woman's institute jam parties and all manner of sundry venues.

They perform on Keyboards and Guitar, not only self-penned compositions but some traditional songs. With close harmony and witty repartee they know exactly how to entertain an audience.

I met this charming couple at Warwick last year. I reckon I've got a good eye for our kind of people and invited them to Miskin on the spot. Welcome to you both, I'm sure you will enjoy the weekend.


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