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Jeff Henry

Another old Southampton friend from a long way back. A stalwart of the local folk scene with a whole repertoire of songs worth singing and indeed worth listening to. Let's have Jeff introduce himself:

" I started playing guitar about the time Dylan and Donovan came on the scene in the 60's, and went to my first folk club in the early 70's, doing songs by the same duo. I became a regular singer at the Anvil club, and then at the Focsle, both in Southampton. I became an avid collector of songs, mostly off the Folk on Two on the radio, as well as on record. As well as being a solo singer/guitarist around Hampshire, I've also been in various groups and bands.

With "Catswhiskers" ( Tony - Jeff - Annette - Brian )

I suppose the highlight of my career so far was sharing the stage with the Spinners (remember them?) in a concert in Liverpool. I've always been attracted to songs with a good story or melody, either traditional or otherwise, and I suppose the people I enjoy listening to most are the Martins Carthy and Simpson, and Jez Lowe. However I have wide musical interests, ranging from Jimi Hendrix and Frank Zappa to Cyril Tawney and Shirley Collins. "

Jeff has a CD "There and Back Again"

Have a listen to a few snippets to give you an idea of Jeff's diversity

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