Mary Humphreys and Anahata

A late addition to our programme, I am very pleased to welcome Anahata and Mary. A blend of Welsh and English , how appropriate for Miskin.

Mary sings the Tradition both in English and Welsh (she is originally from Wrexham) and accompanies herself on Concertina and Banjo. Anahata provides accompaniment on melodeons, Concertina and Cello. They also play musical arrangements of mostly English music.
Together since 2001 they have featured at many festivals including Sidmouth and have two recordings in their own right while also contributing to several others.

Have a listen here to a short snippet from their first CD "Through the Groves"
Then pop over to their own extensive site for news of their two later CDs including hot off the presses - "Floating Verses"; also lots more pictures info and sounds.