Guests include:

Tom and Barbara Brown ~ Gwilym Davies

Sue Stevens ~ Vicki and Trefor Williams

Capella ~ Yvonne Parkes ~ Siwsann George

Mike Nicholson ~ Chris King ~ Gilly Hewitt

Bill Mc Kinnon ~ Vicky Swan and Jonny Dyer

Mike Gibson and Chris Wenham

Luasca (Harriet Earis & Colman Connelly)

Ann Mathews and Dave Reader ~ Alhambra

Jon Heslop ~ Kathy Wallis ~ Tori ~ Magwitch

Spindwyers ~ Amanda Diamond & Eddy Richards

Chris Green & Jude Rees (2/3 of Isambarde)

Peter Collins ~ Jim McAdams

Old Father Ted and David Stanley

Resonator ~ Ken Stevens

Mary Humphreys and Anahata

and your Saturday Night Band

Tarrantella Ceilidh Band

And of course our popular favourite with the young ones

Jan and her Van