Nelly Dean's


Barkers Bar

The bar was re-named as "Barker's Bar" in memory of our old friend Ray Barker who did so much to make the weekend a success.


Bar manager Lesley ( can I get you something sir? )

Chief beer taster and chat show host Colin at rest on the bar.


A full selection of spirits and soft drinks will be available here. But most importantly we pride ourselves on the quality and selection of fine Real Ales. A sort of mini beer festival with five or six of the best beers available - properly stored and served to perfection.

We promise you good beer at very good prices.

In the past we have had such beers as Adnams Broadside, Bombadier, Spitfire.

Last year we drank this lot :

Charles Wells Eagle IPA 3.6
Shepherd Neame Best 4.1
Charles Wells Bombadier 4.3
Jennings Cocker Hoop 4.6
Bateman's Spring Breeze 4.2
Brains Reverend James 4.5
O'Hara's Celtic Stout 4.3

And that was just some of the empties!!


The Lounge

This is where we really found our feet after the move to the Mill. It is still the hub of the weekend. Mostly informal sessions here but we do try a bit of order with a driver in charge to see fair shares. Remember it is NO SMOKING this year after many requests from yourselves.