Stewarding at Miskin

As Miskin grows, not just in size but in complexity, we need more help make the weekend run smoothly. We start setting up the site Thursday and clear up Monday morning

Ideally I would like a small band of keen volunteers to help from Thursdsay morning onwards. There is a lot of moving lifting and general sorting. Including building THE BAR!!

If some of this same team could then be available on Monday then things should go back where they came from more quickly. I would not expect this merry bunch to be stewarding during the main weekend of course ( you will be too tired!!)

Experienced Bar staff are also needed of course and hopefully this would be the only duty.

As always the big ongoing task is food, all volunteers welcome here. If you have any expertise in this department please give us a hand.

The reception area team is already sorted, but we will need door and general ticket stewards as with every festival.

My good friend Jo Vosper will be co-ordinating and organising rotas for the stewards again this year.