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This was Easter 06

Do you remember?

At last I've started to put some stuff together. Watch out for a new look coming soon, but for now here's a few of the many pictures I've been sent. All a bit random but they certainly give a flavour of the best Miskin at Easter yet.

Here's the latest batch, thanks to

Jim Parham

At last some shots of things happening indoors!













It was of course Toby's 21st birthday on Thursday

Congrats lad.









Now Lucy's turn

This is me in one of my "tired and emotional" moments.

Well captured Lucy and thanks for the rest of this set.

(Sunday mostly)

What ? What ?? We had Easter Crackers alright!!


The Procession






I think they're all back!!



Coo that's an old camera ..it's come out in black and white!!!


And now the Concert

Sue with her Herbaceous Border


Now some lovelies from Micca



Thanks Geoff for the next set


The first ever Pogo Shanty ??



Thanks Jillie for these




A "new" Tradition in the making here







Loads more to follow