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Guests for 2006

Many old friends without whom it wouldn't be "Miskin" also the return of a few favourites. As always, some new faces will be joining us for the first time although I am sure it won't be many moments before they feel right at home. Welcome to all.

If a name is underlined just click on it to find out more. ( I'm slowly updating this bit starting with the new guests so look at last year or even earlier for info on regular guests)

Tracey Curtis ~Mary Humphreys & Anahata

Lynne Heraud and Pat Turner ~ Ember

Gwilym and Carol Davies ~ Copper Kettle

Yvonne Parkes ~ Chris King ~ Ann and Dave Reader

Mike Gibson ~ Isambarde ~ Kathannie

Ian Woods ~ Graham Metcalf ~ Hilary Ward

Bill Mc Kinnon ~ Ken Stephens

Gilly Hewitt ~ George Simmons ~ Capella

Ali Byrne & Steve Robinson ~ Shep Woolley

Patti Smith & Ned Clamp ~ Mick Pearce

Peter Collins ~ Mr & Mrs Vicky Swan & Jonny Dyer

Mick Tems & Olli Price ~ Trefor & Vicki Williams

Middle Aged Spread (Ray & John Clark) ~ Tori Lang

Mike Nicholson ~ Magwitch ~ Steve Viney

Harriet Earis ~ Colman Connelly ~ Resonator

Jon Heslop ~ Kathy Wallis ~ Jim Mc Adams


Herbaceous Border ( Sue White)

Crouch Vale Morris

Your Folk Club MCs, Lynne & Ted Tann-Watson

and your Saturday Night Band

Tarrantella Ceilidh Band

And of course our popular favourite with the young ones

Jan and her Van