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Emily Williams from Machynleth, and Rebecca Sullivan from Salt Lake City – Utah now based firmly in Machynleth are the couple who nearly got away. Being a cautious sort of bloke I didn’t bite at first, but then a quick word around and a squint at their website and I was convinced.

They perform their songs with rich and vibrant harmony. Emily’s earthy and soulful voice and Rebecca’s more pure and light, blend to magical effect. Their imaginative guitar accompaniments range from delicately ornate to chunky-rhythmical, and Emily often adds her wonderfully lyrical violin. Rebecca also breaks out the harmonica for a song or two.

Making a great impression wherever they perform these two girls look just right for Miskin. Give them a warm welcome and I’m sure they will soon feel right at home.

Pop over to their website for more details, music links including downloadable tracks