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are part of all our lives and are very much part of our rather special weekend at Miskin. It was when we moved to Easter that we were really able to involve the children more. Easter breakfast was always a main feature of my childhood Easter so I have maintained that tradition at Miskin.There will again be a special family breakfast of boiled eggs and soldiers ( not compulsory!) and a little gift. Please bring along the usual Chocolate Easter Eggs and any other goodies you usually share at this time.

Jan has become the mainstay of children's entertainment and usually finds something to fire the imagination.

We will also be re-introducing the Pace Egging tradition probably just after the procession on Sunday. We can also have egg and spoon races if the weather is kind. With bonnet making and the Easter tree to decorate there will be something to interest most. Of course some of the older ones may be interested in the Lace or Corndolly workshops. And of course there is always the music and the dance!!

If you have not been to Miskin before do not hesitate to let us know if there is some way we can make your childs weekend more enjoyable. I hope you will find our range of foods and snacks suitable for all the family.