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Mick Pearce

"Songs and Tunes Accompanied With Fingerstyle Guitar
An uncontemplated navel and fingers faster than thought"

Mick is one of those chaps I seem to have known forever. First meeting in the Dove and at many singarounds at Sidmouth. Mick's been quietly enjoying Miskin for a couple of years now so it's about time he got a guest spot.

Mick led a sybaritic life, until the day one of the handmaidens bathing him opened the window of the pool room. The voice of the head gardener drifting through the window brought about a Damascene transformation. Entranced, he leapt from the bath, still dripping warm asses’ milk, and decided from then to devote his life to music. So started his path to penury and starvation. His emaciated figure can now be found in clubs and festivals singing everything from unaccompanied traditional song to accompanied jazz standards, but traditional and traditional style song, with or without guitar, remains his main love. (His navel has never knowingly been introspectively gazed at). Having fingers thankfully faster than his brain, he also plays traditional tunes on the guitar. He currently has surplus handmaidens for sale; don’t be too shy to stop him and buy one.

A varied past includes playing jazz at the Addis Ababa Hilton, accompanying French and Russian cabaret and traditional songs and playing classical guitar for a soprano singing Dowland lute songs and in a Renaissance consort. He played guitar with the Johnny Collins Big Band, played whistle in an Irish dance band and for many years, as King George, annually took part in the defeat of Turkish Knights with Herga Mummers. Ennui has sometimes led him to compere concerts and run singarounds and clever-dickness has made him run workshops.

As well as his own duo recording with Kitty Vernon, Mick played guitar on recordings by Johnny Collins and Rod Shearman and has provided backing vocals and whistle on several others. He has appeared at folk clubs and festival (including Sidmouth, where he also ran some guitar workshops).


Dark The Day – Mick Pearce and Kitty Vernon (vocal & guitar)
Pedlar of Songs – Johnny Collins (guitar)
Now & Then – Johnny Collins (guitar)
Here’s To Friends- Rod Shearman (guitar)
Off To Sea Again - Rod Shearman (guitar)
Of Ships And Men- Jim Mageean (vocal)
Smoke In The Valley- Helen Akitt (vocal)
Man Of Parts- Mike Ruff (vocal)
Hand Me Down Songs Barry & Ingrid Temple (whistle)


How To Make Your Guitar Sound Good – how the physics of playing (fingerstyle) guitar affects the tone and sound of the guitar.

Harmony on the Guitar – an introduction to harmony on the guitar and how it can be used in songs and tunes.


Tel: 01909 485100 Mob: 07854 279260
e-mail: MickCPearce@aol.com or MCPearce0@aol.com
Address: 3 Tylden Road, Rhodesia, Worksop, Notts S80 3HL