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Tori Lang

Tori first came along as part of the local scene here in Wales. Her singing has gone from strength to strength

And as Old Father Ted once said she... "was a most amazing new voice " and "...sang with such bell like clarity"

A few words from Tori:

" I've been singing one way or another since I was little - it was part of our
family - Mum and Dad are both singers (Dad sings with Rum and Shrub
Shantymen, Mum has sung with various choirs, and both have guested on radio
shows and performed together and with other groups, and my sister's great at

I began mostly in school choirs, then A Cappella Choir at University, and
Bristol Choral Society, including Handel's Messiah, and Mahler's 8th. (Mum
and Dad also found that singing was a good way to pass long car journeys, as
it would keep my sister and me amused for hours!).

I was fortunate to grow up with folk (I went to my first festival in
nappies!) and first sang at Lanner Club in Cornwall aged about 7. Although I
know lots of the choruses.

The songs I sing vary from very traditional to more recent songs, although
usually with a strong traditional style. I think this comes from the strong
ballad tradition in the family, and these seem to be the songs that 'speak
to me'. A number of them were also learnt in the traditional style - learnt
from my parents just from being exposed to them, but others have also come
from other singers from as far away as America and Australia. Sometimes I
like the tune, sometimes it's more about the story, but basically, if I like
it, and it speaks to me, then I sing it! "