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Copper Kettle

Brian Firth and Michael Forsyth

A hearty welcome back to two hearty lads. They were with us a couple of years ago and it is great to have them back. More new songs and still the infectious warmth, a careful mix of humour and thought provoking words.

Just to wet your appetite here are a couple of snatches from their latest CD

"Two Guitars and a Song"

"A Sixties Anthem" ....... Ah yes!! Were those indeed the days?

"In his World" ...... A strong reminder that alongside our secure folk world there is a harsh reality that thankfully most of us are spared from.

here's a couple more from their first CD "Kettles On"

"Dreams Are Just Like Paintings On The Wall"

"Me And My Brother Sam"


Now nip over to the Copper Kettle Website for more info and a chance to buy a cd so you can sing along with them at Miskin.