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The Harry Prigg Absent Friends Trophy

Harry was a long standing member, friend and Trustee of Llantrisant Folk Club, He died in July 1997.

Phil Downing suggested we make "The Harry Prigg Award" in tribute to his memory.

When Phil first though of the idea of the trophy we were not used to losing friends so suddenly. Now alas I am afraid it is happening far too frequently.
It was saying goodbye to Ray Barker that prompted the name change and since then the loss of Chris Gorniak, and just this year Siwsi George and Dave Bryant, has made the new title even more fitting.

I hope there will be a suitable moment during the weekend to remember our friends who are now “in the other bar”

During the Weekend a small panel of judges will once again choose the performance which stands out above the others as being the most memorable, either in song tune or just that magic tingle moment.

This Annual Challenge Trophy, a wooden, hand crafted, miniature ships wheel was created by Phil Downing .


Roll of Honour

1998 ......... Kathannie for "Hannah


1999 ......... John Heslop for "Old Soldiers"


2000......... Cappella for all sorts of songs and the right sense of fun!


There was no award in 2001, as there was no Miskin weekend !!!

2002........ Mick Tems, for "coming back"

2003 ....... Harriet Earis and Colman Connolly for their wonderful music and smiles.


2004 ..... How embarrasing ... me!

For 10 years of Miskin events. I've lost count of how many there have been but its about 15 I thoink including Winter Warmers. I am proud to have made so many friends over the years and to be able to invite them back every year to my own special party is a priviledge. As I say, I would look fairly silly at Easter if no-one turned up, so thank you to all of you.



2005 ......Mash (Tom, Rosanna and Louise)


As for the tingle moment this was a frequent occurence watching last years winners. They were everywhere. Not just performing but dancing, crafting, helping in the kitchen,

if something was going on then they were in the middle of it.

The award however was principaly for their wonderful music. To see such depth and enthusiasm from such youngsters was a joy to behold.

They went on to make a great impression at many other festivals through the following year and they will be back playing for us in 2006.

It was impossible to tie these youngsters down so I grabbed my chance at the end of the Sunday procession to make the award.