Guests 2007

Lucy Burrow


We’ve been enthralled by Lucy’s wonderful artistry during her Miskin Corn Dolly workshops. If you have been lucky enough to catch her singing then you will know how much she deserves to be heard in concert.

Those of you who managed to see “Unsung Heroes” , the story of the Lost Gardens of Heligan,you will appreciate what a fine talent Lucy is. One song stood out above all others for me, the afternoon I was in the audience.

Lucy’s “Battlefield Tree” was one of the most emotive songs I have heard in a long time. In such hallowed company as Jon Heslop, Mike O’Connor, and Roger Bryant, Lucy’s song with it’s simple message conjured up such visions it left the audience stunned. (Short clip here)

A member of the Cornish Songwriters Lucy helps to spread the songs of Cornwall, both old and new.

At last, Lucy in concert at Miskin…go and listen.