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Here are just a few of the many photos I now have of

Easter 2003

But first read this report



First ...... A brisk walk around the grounds


Then back for a hearty Breakfast

Thanks Crispin

"Don't try and talk to my Girlie when she's having breakfast - go to the back of the queue !!"


Then the washing up


Now down to business - the Lounge

Where we sang and played and drank a couple

Cheerio Bob

( Sadly Bob Merrit, in the yellow Middle Bar Singers tea shirt, passed away a few weeks after Easter.)









And then it all got a bit fuzzy



I wish I was back in Crediton



In the Scout hut

Jan and Hawk plot plans with pots of paint and patience


Lace making Workshop in full flow

Anna shows them how


Then they all start to wonder !!

Ah, that's better!


Keep the noise down while you rehearse -we're making lace in here!!

And you did what while I was singing ??



Meanwhile outside -

Was this Tom tomtommimg?

Well balanced kids?


And in the Cottage

Cachusoba ( fat chance )

Resonator (augmented!)

Steve Viney

Harriet Earis & Colman Connolly

Sunday morning breakfast



Procession soon, where's me bonnet?

And then ??

What time's this procession?


What are we doing here??

Well it's no good waiting for the rain, we might as well get on with it !

just a couple of kids

and you'll get no sense out of her !!


It's a long way from Wickham


Well now we're here we'd better dance!!

Well if they're going to dance, we'd better play a few tunes.


Now am I supposed to be a little boy dragon or a little girl dragon?


The Pace Egging


And the Egg and Spoon Race


Many more to follow. The unsigned ones are mostly my own with the concert ones from Terry Parsons . Thanks to Chris King for any marked CK. ( and where did the dragon come from?)