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Miskin at Easter 2006

14th - 17th April

This Years Guests

Same formula as usual, so you know what to expect. I hope to add a few surprises along the way but I think we all like it much the way it is at the moment.

The site is booked and names already signed up, just click Guests to see who will be joining us this year.

At a suitable point in the weekend we will of course , be presenting the

Harry Prigg Absent Friends Award

This sadly gathers more meaning every year. We have lost many good friends since last we met, including, of course, our very own Siwsi George.


This years Charity

A Morris Dance from Tunbridge Wells to Worcester

In aid of two Vital Charities

Parish Notices

Stewards Meeting 10 a.m. Friday in Nellie Dean's


New licencing laws are in force this year and we will see if my blind faith in the system was justified. I have been assured right from the first rumblings of change that Miskin at Easter was slighly different and we would not have any difficulty, we shall see.

One major change is that catering will be under a new organisation. Don't worry you will know the faces, it's just another step forward towards a more efficient weekend.

The new marquee proved very popular last year so we now have another one for more room for craft and sessions. (of course we won't need it for the children 'cos it isn't going to rain is it).